Invisible Sun: The Gate

This is the second in a series of deep dives I’m taking on Invisible Sun, Monte Cook Games’ sprawling, prestige tabletop RPG. If you want to start at the beginning, go here. Invisible Sun’s Killer App My first exposure to Cypher was via No Thank You, Evil!, a game targeted at kids. In that iteration,… Continue reading Invisible Sun: The Gate

Good Faith and RPGs

Spent the past couple weeks poking at the idea of good faith in roleplaying. I have a couple other pieces I’m working on, more technical, but I wanted to start somewhere. It’s a big sprawling topic, and it touches more stuff than I realized. Wikipedia has this interesting entry defining good faith: A sincere intention… Continue reading Good Faith and RPGs

Band of Blades and What Even is Forged in the Dark?

Today I offer you three short posts for the price of one. Had an interesting conversation with a prominent indie game publisher/designer recently. It came on the heels of our second "full" session of Band of Blades, which has been on my mind a lot lately. The core of the discussion was, basically, what is… Continue reading Band of Blades and What Even is Forged in the Dark?

Band of Blades: Position/Effect Cheat Sheet

After starting our Band of Blades game last week, I realized I needed to get a better explanation of the game's core transaction into my players' hands. So I did up a cheat sheet, which is available here. Position-Effect Cheat Sheet v4Download (Updated to version 0.4 on 8/27/19, 1222 AZ time -- just a couple… Continue reading Band of Blades: Position/Effect Cheat Sheet

The Latest Diceology Episode

My very good friend MadJay Brown has just put out episode 14 of his Diceology podcast. Mostly it's me talking at great length about our ongoing Invisible Sun series here at the Club, but also about expensive games (wait 'til you hear about John Carter), shared suffering (koff koff Burning Wheel), and a whole array… Continue reading The Latest Diceology Episode