Ten Unanswerable Evergreen Discourses

One of the most frustrating things about being deep into RPGs in a serious way for a very long time is that the same conversations seem to keep coming up. Year after year, decade after decade. Every few years a new cohort comes along and convinces itself they’re the first ones to have thought of… Continue reading Ten Unanswerable Evergreen Discourses

Facilitator Agendas

Had an interesting thread show up the other day in one of my dark forest spaces: how do you strategize, approach, play your role as GM? I suspect every GM does it, but most of us aren't that intentional -- just doing the thing is already pretty demanding. When I'm doing all the pre-work that… Continue reading Facilitator Agendas


I was reminded of a favorite bit of stagecraft I really enjoy doing. It's a trick I indulged in running Trophy Dark (longer review coming next week) for a couple very new gamers at a recent local convention. They were all in on the storygame elements, they hadn't had enough training to make assumptions about… Continue reading Stagecraft

The Usual Suspects

Something that occurred to me just this year: having an encyclopedic knowledge of RPGs hasn’t actually made me happier. In fact it’s probably made me less happy participating in my hobby, because I don’t share the same assumptions as the players with whom I spend most of my time. It’s given me all the tools… Continue reading The Usual Suspects