The Usual Suspects

Something that occurred to me just this year: having an encyclopedic knowledge of RPGs hasn’t actually made me happier. In fact it’s probably made me less happy participating in my hobby, because I don’t share the same assumptions as the players with whom I spend most of my time. It’s given me all the tools… Continue reading The Usual Suspects

Another Band of Blades Resource

Tonight is our third session of Band of Blades. The Legion is headed up the Long Road and it's gonna be awful. Just awful. 😉 Anyway, I made another resource for my players and wanted to share this with you. They're printable tent cards for the squads, basically replicating the functionality of the Marshal's character… Continue reading Another Band of Blades Resource

Band of Blades and What Even is Forged in the Dark?

Today I offer you three short posts for the price of one. Had an interesting conversation with a prominent indie game publisher/designer recently. It came on the heels of our second "full" session of Band of Blades, which has been on my mind a lot lately. The core of the discussion was, basically, what is… Continue reading Band of Blades and What Even is Forged in the Dark?

Band of Blades: Room to Breathe

We had our first full session of Band of Blades last night. It turns out war really is hell. First up was our Commander deciding which mission to take on. I had generated three missions in response to the Commander player’s request for recon missions (recon generates a currency called Intel, super useful). The result… Continue reading Band of Blades: Room to Breathe