Ten Unanswerable Evergreen Discourses

One of the most frustrating things about being deep into RPGs in a serious way for a very long time is that the same conversations seem to keep coming up. Year after year, decade after decade. Every few years a new cohort comes along and convinces itself they’re the first ones to have thought of… Continue reading Ten Unanswerable Evergreen Discourses

Predictions for 2024

Normally these sorts of things are supposed to show up before the end of the year, but time isn’t real anyway so let’s see some predictions about gaming this year! I polled our Slack members for what they thought was coming down the pike in 2024. Here they are, in ascending order of importance and/or… Continue reading Predictions for 2024

Returning To My Roots: BurningCon 2023

I recently attended BurningCon, a convention devoted to the games published by BWHQ in Queens, NY: The Burning Wheel, Burning Empires, Torchbearer, and Mouse Guard are the big ones. BWHQ haven’t released as many titles as some publishers but their work continues to be some of the most influential in both my own gaming life… Continue reading Returning To My Roots: BurningCon 2023

Interview on Yes Indie’d

Thomas Manuel interviewed me for his Yes Indie'd podcast recently and the show just hit the air. Good interview, and we got into a lot of fun stuff about the nature and purpose of critique, my approach to community building, and being in games a very, very long time. https://yesindiedpod.buzzsprout.com/315560/12857066-reading-indie-games-at-the-club-w-paul-beakley