Interview on Yes Indie’d

Thomas Manuel interviewed me for his Yes Indie'd podcast recently and the show just hit the air. Good interview, and we got into a lot of fun stuff about the nature and purpose of critique, my approach to community building, and being in games a very, very long time.

Excerpt: The Ink That Bleeds

How To Play Immersive Journaling Games Editor's note: This is an experiment for The Indie Game Reading Club! It's an excerpt from Paul Czege's upcoming zine, The Ink That Bleeds. It's all about his extensive delve into solo journaling games over the past couple years, both a reflection on the medium and a practical how-to… Continue reading Excerpt: The Ink That Bleeds

What the Rulebook Didn’t Include: Glitch

This is the first in what I hope will be a series featuring folks with deep mastery of their favorite games sharing the techniques they’ve developed that aren’t in the text. Enjoy! -- PB One of my favorite games is Jenna Moran's Glitch. It’s a game about retired world-killing void-gods solving mysteries and forgetting to… Continue reading What the Rulebook Didn’t Include: Glitch