Ten Unanswerable Evergreen Discourses

One of the most frustrating things about being deep into RPGs in a serious way for a very long time is that the same conversations seem to keep coming up. Year after year, decade after decade. Every few years a new cohort comes along and convinces itself they’re the first ones to have thought of… Continue reading Ten Unanswerable Evergreen Discourses

Excerpt: The Ink That Bleeds

How To Play Immersive Journaling Games Editor's note: This is an experiment for The Indie Game Reading Club! It's an excerpt from Paul Czege's upcoming zine, The Ink That Bleeds. It's all about his extensive delve into solo journaling games over the past couple years, both a reflection on the medium and a practical how-to… Continue reading Excerpt: The Ink That Bleeds

Hello Friends (and another podcast is up)

Hey folks. You've probably noticed I went silent for a couple months. It wasn't on purpose, but it was the culmination of stuff both within and outside my control. Been thinking a lot about the work I/we do here, goals and the overall environment of gaming talk. Two big realizations have recently shifted my thinking… Continue reading Hello Friends (and another podcast is up)

The Usual Suspects

Something that occurred to me just this year: having an encyclopedic knowledge of RPGs hasn’t actually made me happier. In fact it’s probably made me less happy participating in my hobby, because I don’t share the same assumptions as the players with whom I spend most of my time. It’s given me all the tools… Continue reading The Usual Suspects

Tales of Xadia and the Limits of Canon

We played four sessions of Tales of Xadia over the past couple months. Tales is the first complete and self-contained game to come out of Cortex Prime, the third generation of the Cortex ruleset by Cam Banks. My personal experience with long-form Cortex play was a rough start with Serenity way back in the day,… Continue reading Tales of Xadia and the Limits of Canon