Deep Dive: Cowboy Bebop

I have a theory: there are two kinds of licensed games. Or, perhaps, licensed games fall on a continuum. The first kind is where the rules provide as little friction as possible while you Do License Things. The game expects you to bring lots of knowledge of the license to bear, and the system does… Continue reading Deep Dive: Cowboy Bebop

The Usual Suspects

Something that occurred to me just this year: having an encyclopedic knowledge of RPGs hasn’t actually made me happier. In fact it’s probably made me less happy participating in my hobby, because I don’t share the same assumptions as the players with whom I spend most of my time. It’s given me all the tools… Continue reading The Usual Suspects

Mini Reviews for July 2020: Shinobigami, Hit The Streets, After The War

I’m going to experiment with something new here: short reviews of things I’ve been reading, once a month. I’m not done with my deep dives! But this will get more information out there about the staggering array of indie titles. It’s also a chance for you to vote on the title you’d most like me… Continue reading Mini Reviews for July 2020: Shinobigami, Hit The Streets, After The War

A Decade of Indie Roleplaying: 2013

Another week, another year looking back at the 20-teens and what they brought to small press roleplaying. To recap the games I've focused on so far: 2010 was Apocalypse World, 2011 was Burning Wheel Gold, 2012 was Monsterhearts. All huge games. But 2013 brought one of my all-time favorites, which I continue to play today.… Continue reading A Decade of Indie Roleplaying: 2013