Vaesen: Deep Dive

Can we talk about horror and mysteries in games for a minute? In principle I like both these things, particularly in the media I enjoy. In reality, at the table, they may be the worst gaming topics I’ve ever come across. The evergreen popularity of Call of Cthulthu means this is obviously not a widespread… Continue reading Vaesen: Deep Dive

Small But Fierce: Four Reviews for March 2021

I thought it’d be a nice break from our most recent encyclopedic monstrosity to take a look at four surprisingly compact, recent-ish releases. I haven’t played any of these! These are strictly reviews, not critiques. Rebel Crown Available at At a perfect-bound 63 pages, Rebel Crown by Michael Dunn-O'Conner and Eric Swanson is the… Continue reading Small But Fierce: Four Reviews for March 2021

Blast from the Past: Dragon Storm

I've been clearing out some old boxes in my garage that have been left unopened for, well...decades, now. And I was reminded that Dragon Storm exists. Dragon Storm is a roleplaying game by Susan Van Camp and Mark Harmon (who passed in 2012) and published in a collectible card game format. I picked up one… Continue reading Blast from the Past: Dragon Storm