Under Hollow Hills, Haxen, Traveler’s Ironsworn (last of the Q1 review stack)

This is it! We made it! These are the last three reviews from the pile of games I've been working through the past several weeks. As always, my caveat: these are reviews based on my reading, not play ... although this week, Under Hollow Hills will get a deeper treatment because I actually have played… Continue reading Under Hollow Hills, Haxen, Traveler’s Ironsworn (last of the Q1 review stack)

Q1 Reviews (Part 3, halfway there)

Avatar Legends, Desperation and Beak Feather and Bone extracted from a larger image

Okay, wow. Still drilling through this pile of games and, yeah, we're into the second quarter of the year already. But there are games to read and things to say. Let's get into it. Reminder that these are read-only reviews I'm doing! I haven't gotten to play these games so they're not deep technical dives.… Continue reading Q1 Reviews (Part 3, halfway there)

Echo Sedano 5

Another chapter of using Starforged as a fiction oracle. Things are getting weird! Lots of exploration but I'm getting itchy to start seeing some meaningful conflict appear. Start from the Prologue if you want to read from the beginning. Quickly revisiting the mechanics Now that I have a better grasp of the relationship between pacing… Continue reading Echo Sedano 5

Echo Sedano 4

A short session this week. The procedures are still prominent but producing interesting prompts. If you're just now finding this, the story starts at the Prologue. I'll keep injecting the mechanical bits per the rest of the series. My takeaway with this session is that Starforged is designed to deliver good gameplay, not necessarily good… Continue reading Echo Sedano 4