Urban Shadows: Unkept Promises and Promises Never Made

I’ve been running Urban Shadows for a while now, seven sessions to be exact, and our session last night was so aggravating that I’m having trouble writing about it. I’ve run a campaign of it in the past, I’ve run several one-shots of it at various conventions, but I’m left wondering if maybe I’m just… Continue reading Urban Shadows: Unkept Promises and Promises Never Made

The Perils of Running One-Shots

Several years ago, I wrote an essay about introducing the intensity of one-shot play to your ongoing home campaign/season/whatever. It's a good essay, I still stand behind it, but my good intentions are coming back to bite me in the ass in our new Urban Shadows campaign.A couple bits, for context: First, I'm still coming off… Continue reading The Perils of Running One-Shots


Has it really been a month since I last posted? I swear, there's something about running the Indie Game Reading Club Slack channel that consumes whatever bandwidth I used to have to make longer posts. By the way: if you're riding out the GPlus diaspora along with the rest of us, drop me a line if you… Continue reading Recalibrating