Deep Dive: Stonetop

We just wrapped up a nice long campaign of Stonetop, Jeremy Strandberg’s Iron Age community RPG being published by Lampblack & Brimstone…someday. It’s been a work-in-progress for a lot of years now. It’s getting close! Stonetop is available as a preorder on Backerkit. You get immediate access to the PDFs. I have a lot to… Continue reading Deep Dive: Stonetop

Zinequest: Lifted (and I’m doing a hackbook)

My Diceology buddy MadJay Brown is running a Zinequest project for the next couple-or-so weeks: a superhero setting he calls Lifted: Vault 01. It's pretty rad! The zine will be the setting notes, plus notes on how to run it in Champions Now!, Forge co-founder Ron Edwards' take on the old Champions RPG and how… Continue reading Zinequest: Lifted (and I’m doing a hackbook)

Impulse Drive: That’s a Wrap!

My home group finished our season of Impulse Drive this week. We played it entirely via Zoom, character keepers in Google Sheets, for dice, and Pinterest. It was my first successful run at playing a tabletop RPG online. I learned a lot about online play, and I’m looking forward to the next online experience.… Continue reading Impulse Drive: That’s a Wrap!