Good Faith and RPGs

Spent the past couple weeks poking at the idea of good faith in roleplaying. I have a couple other pieces I’m working on, more technical, but I wanted to start somewhere. It’s a big sprawling topic, and it touches more stuff than I realized. Wikipedia has this interesting entry defining good faith: A sincere intention… Continue reading Good Faith and RPGs

Certain Values of Fun

My current Godbound game has gotten me thinking about games that have taken measures to ensure they’re fun to facilitate. I mean…running games is its own reward, of course. I could speculate as to why: my frustrated creative impulses as a failed novelist are high on my own list, as is the pleasure of hosting… Continue reading Certain Values of Fun

Fog of Love: Romance as Game, Games as Romance

My very good friend Kit hooked me up with a copy of Fog of Love, a two-player board game about romance. It's not a game for romance! It's not for couples looking to spice up their relationship. It's way more interesting than that. And it's gotten me thinking about how narrow gaming often is. First,… Continue reading Fog of Love: Romance as Game, Games as Romance