Interview on +1 Forward

Rach Shelkey and Rich Rogers interviewed me again for their excellent podcast, +1 Forward. It's always a pleasure being on their show! This episode was interesting and a little technical, about the problems and opportunities to scale campaign play throughout a PbtA game. It's a tricky problem, because there typically aren't any GM-side adjustments you… Continue reading Interview on +1 Forward

Guest Appearance On Diceology

Diceology the podcast about gamers

MadJay Brown is trying out some new things on his Diceology podcast. I talk about the Sig: City of Blades game I started online last week. I'm gonna go into much more depth about this Forged in the Dark game in the future. I think we put on a pretty good show! Anyway, give it… Continue reading Guest Appearance On Diceology

Hard Talk

Diceology's and gaming bestie Mad Jay Brown and I did a long, tricky podcast earlier this year, sometime after our joint special guest appearance at OrcCon. Maybe it's this year, These Unprecedented Times, but we decided to drill deep on some tough topics: capitalism, evil races, safety and consent, lots of good stuff. Give it… Continue reading Hard Talk

Relationship Maps: Updated and Annotated

My recent interview on the +1 Forward podcast has drawn a lot of new attention to my Prep 2.0 essay, which in turn brought a whole new audience to my Paul's R-Map Method essay. The import tool I used to pull in my Plus content stripped most images from my posts! I've gotten several email… Continue reading Relationship Maps: Updated and Annotated