Hard Talk

Diceology’s and gaming bestie Mad Jay Brown and I did a long, tricky podcast earlier this year, sometime after our joint special guest appearance at OrcCon. Maybe it’s this year, These Unprecedented Times, but we decided to drill deep on some tough topics: capitalism, evil races, safety and consent, lots of good stuff. Give it a listen, let me know what you think.

The shorter version is at Diceology. The longer, hotter, better version is at Patreon. Considering throwing him a buck or five a month, it’s good and it’s real.

Last week in Tabletop Games with Mad Jay The Diceology Podcast

Easily the week of the West Marches. Starting with my halfling wizard’s Arden Vul adventure to helping my local gamers launch their own IRL West Marches games. It’s got me thinking about other non-fantasy applications.On the Gauntlet, we’ve wrapped up a three-session run of Fading Suns with Lowell Francis at the helm. He also hosted a Zoom talk about Legacy 2E: Life among the Ruins. Best practices, some thoughts around running the game, hacking the game. Pretty much talked me into running Legacy again on The Gauntlet using some of these new insights. Also wrapped up Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes with Micael Addison of Nerdy Pup Games. Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes has players exploring a hyper-saturated dystopian world that's being controlled by a tyrannical collective of powers.And the usual suspects – Twilight 2000, Cortex work on Lifted: Indomitable.Support the show
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