Hard Talk

Diceology’s and gaming bestie Mad Jay Brown and I did a long, tricky podcast earlier this year, sometime after our joint special guest appearance at OrcCon. Maybe it’s this year, These Unprecedented Times, but we decided to drill deep on some tough topics: capitalism, evil races, safety and consent, lots of good stuff. Give it a listen, let me know what you think.

The shorter version is at Diceology. The longer, hotter, better version is at Patreon. Considering throwing him a buck or five a month, it’s good and it’s real.

Last Week in Gaming with Jay 10.11 The Diceology Podcast

It's a Bye Week!!!The One Ring was a Bye Week. Our Fellowship is in Bree to track down Gorlanc the sorcerer dwarf?! The One Ring has final PDFs released and we're pouring through looking updating our characters!My new Burning Wheel game Vena and the King of Nothing is two sessions in and on the Diceology podcast. Vena is pursued by elves,  made an owlbear friend, and learned about Elven grief via human conflict. My lady friend, Elle had a fantastic rules breakthrough and we learned some hard truths about Vena her character!Pirates of Drinax had a bye week. I'm looking at Firefly and Hammerheads for vehicle mechanics inspirations! Prepping for some Delta Green 1v1play with  Brendan from the What people do podcast. I'm reading UVG and excited about running it soon.I'm set to run Desert Moon of Karth via Mothership for the Gauntlet's Star Wars Sat/Sun: Special Edition mini-con. in Dec and the session is full.I hung out with some gamers from the Gauntlet Sunday afternoon on Zoom. About 9 or 10 other folks scattered globally. We just chatted about recent games we're playing and running down the gaming tangents.This week I learned about Whitehack experiences from Christopher Kubasik via the Indie Game Reading Club Slack and it's climbed up my must playlist!What's on your game table or shortlist?Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/madjayzero)
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  3. Vena and the King of Nothing. Session Zero.
  4. Last Week in Gaming with Mad Jay
  5. Last Week in Gaming with Mad Jay

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