Godbound, Three Sessions In

My Tuesday regulars are going along with my break from storygaming with a run through Godbound, Sine Nomine’s demigod sandbox game. I wrote about starting it up a couple weeks ago. Running it has been pushing completely different buttons in my head: some old and rusty ones, some I didn’t know existed until I started… Continue reading Godbound, Three Sessions In

Godbound and Tradsplaining in the Late Twenty-Teens

Tonight we begin Godbound, an OSR-adjacent sandbox demigod adventure game from Kevin Crawford (Sine Nomine Publishing). It’s been on my try list for several years now, but its OSR-ness sits in stark contrast with what usually gets played here at IGRC World Headquarters. Other than its D&D substrate, though, I’m not persuaded it shares much… Continue reading Godbound and Tradsplaining in the Late Twenty-Teens