Q1 Reviews (Part 2 of too many parts)

Last week I hit the first three of too many games that have arrived, quite suddenly, on my doorstep. This week I continue working through the pile. I'll keep going until someone stops me. Apocalypse Keys Apocalypse Keys is a PbtA-based game inspired by Hellboy/BPRD but over the years of development has grown into something… Continue reading Q1 Reviews (Part 2 of too many parts)

Q1 Reviews (Part 1 of many, sob)

A spread of games I received q1 2023

The optics, they're bad. So...I indulged in a lot of retail therapy when the lockdowns started. I backed many games. Too many, one might argue. But if you've ever participated in a crowdsourcing campaign, you know how it diabolically gives you multiple serotonin hits: first when you back it, later when you spend the money,… Continue reading Q1 Reviews (Part 1 of many, sob)

Echo Sedano 5

Another chapter of using Starforged as a fiction oracle. Things are getting weird! Lots of exploration but I'm getting itchy to start seeing some meaningful conflict appear. Start from the Prologue if you want to read from the beginning. Quickly revisiting the mechanics Now that I have a better grasp of the relationship between pacing… Continue reading Echo Sedano 5

Echo Sedano 4

A short session this week. The procedures are still prominent but producing interesting prompts. If you're just now finding this, the story starts at the Prologue. I'll keep injecting the mechanical bits per the rest of the series. My takeaway with this session is that Starforged is designed to deliver good gameplay, not necessarily good… Continue reading Echo Sedano 4