Relationship Maps: Updated and Annotated

My recent interview on the +1 Forward podcast has drawn a lot of new attention to my Prep 2.0 essay, which in turn brought a whole new audience to my Paul's R-Map Method essay. The import tool I used to pull in my Plus content stripped most images from my posts! I've gotten several email… Continue reading Relationship Maps: Updated and Annotated

Next Steps for the Club

Hello readers! I haven't mentioned that I run a Patreon in a while, so let's talk about that for a minute (I promise I won't do this more than once a quarter-or-so). First things first: If you weren't already aware, my Patreon is at And for those of you who do know, you might… Continue reading Next Steps for the Club

Authority vs Credibility

Quick note up front: I wrote this as last month's Patreon-first post, so it's ready to be unlocked for the public this month. I'm holding off on producing new pieces until we've had a good stretch of time to hear from black creators, black designers, black artists, and black players. I'm sure you've read and… Continue reading Authority vs Credibility