Next Steps for the Club

Hello readers! I haven’t mentioned that I run a Patreon in a while, so let’s talk about that for a minute (I promise I won’t do this more than once a quarter-or-so).

First things first: If you weren’t already aware, my Patreon is at And for those of you who do know, you might not realize or remember that I’ve got goals. After reviewing them recently, I brought down some of the targets because I’m eager to keep growing this thing.

The first goal, $200/mo, started my slow-but-steady tagging project. I’ve got a tag structure I’m happy with. Now I’m going through the whole site (hundreds of posts!) to patch up big holes left from when I pulled in my content from Plus. I’m going to build a page where I lay out the tag structure so you can start exploring by:

  • Titles (reviews and actual play)
  • Techniques
  • Culture (events, online happenings, and so on)
  • Philosophy (“theory” but I despise that term)
  • Resources (cheat sheets, references of all kinds)

The second goal is $250 and we are so close. I’m at $235/mo (not really, not after Patreon takes its cut). But if I can get that next $15, I’m going to start paying guest writers, once a month at first, to offer up their personal expertise. I’ve hosted a couple already: Yoshi Creelman’s outstanding Safety and Consent piece from April, and Aaron Feild’s list of One-Shot Microgames. Those were both really fun, I think the readers enjoyed them, and it expanded the voice of the blog. Good stuff.

I want more of that! So I’m coming to you, Facebook followers of the Indie Game Reading Club, for help. Not just that last $15 I’m trying to scrape together, but also for writers and topics.

The thing I want to focus on is publishing writers with specific specializations. The two guest columns I’ve hosted so far were exactly that: Yoshi’s extensive research and experience into safety and consent, Aaron’s encyclopedic knowledge of sassy one-shots. So…what’s your specialization? What thing would you want to share with an audience?

Two final thoughts: One, even $1/mo support helps get me to the next goal. Two, I would not complain about overshooting that $15/mo target! I’ve got a $300/mo goal as well (it’s on the Patreon page). And if I find and curate good work, I’ll want to do it more often than once a month.

Thank you for your support!

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