IGRC Has An Itch.io Page

I’ve started posting some game designs, mostly experimental or small good ideas, to Itch. If you want to follow what I’m posting, go to https://indiegamereadingclub.itch.io/. Some of this is pure experimentation on my part: I want to understand the role Itch plays in modern indie design! And some of it is the fact that I’ve got a ton of little games designed, and this is a nice way to organize them all in one place.

So far I’ve posted two games, and I hope to add one each month. Then I’ll watch the metrics and see if any of them seem to catch on. They are:

Palimpsest: a small time-travel game for 3 players struggling to establish a final draft of history in a very small, but crucial, moment in time.

Dragon, Fly: a solitaire journaling game written from the perspective of four characters as an inevitable dragon attack approaches their village. Requires a deck of cards and a couple legal-sized printouts.

They’re free! Enjoy!

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