Worldbuilding and Built Worlds

Part 4 of ? in the Cultivating a Storytelling Mindset series My home group has been playing UFO Press' Shattered City the past several months. It’s a setting-intensive game where the collaborative world-building is a major selling point of the exercise. It’s not exactly in the same vein as Microscope or The Quiet Year: everyone… Continue reading Worldbuilding and Built Worlds

Invisible Sun: A Wrap-up

In the final weeks of Google Plus, a very generous patron backed the Kickstarter for Invisible Sun’s reprint for me. I promised I’d do a deep dive of the game, and the result has been my very deepest dive. Everything I've written about Invisible Sun is tagged here. This is my final post (available in… Continue reading Invisible Sun: A Wrap-up

Raise a Flag

The Character Arc advancement system, one of the more notably post-trad mechanisms of this Invisible Sun game I’m running at home, has me thinking about flags. That is, the stuff the players share with the table explicitly as “yes, this, I want more of this thing.” It’s a fundamentally authorial tool. Anyway, our current game’s… Continue reading Raise a Flag

Invisible Sun, Session 2: A Motivation Sandbox

We played our second session of Invisible Sun last night. It got me thinking about a whole stew of interconnected ideas: holding environment, buy-in, credibility, and incentives. If those things are misaligned, any game’s going to be harder to pull together, keep together, and move forward together. Here’s what I’m talking about when I talk… Continue reading Invisible Sun, Session 2: A Motivation Sandbox

Prep never survives contact with the players

This is one in a series I've been doing about Invisible Sun from Monte Cook Games. Click here to see everything I've written about the game up to now. Last night was our first actual play session of Invisible Sun. I’m going to write some thoughts down before we play, and swing back around to… Continue reading Prep never survives contact with the players