Western Wilds: an Expedition into the West Marches

Editor: Guest author Jason Lutes writes about his lengthy fantasy sandbox game and how he made it happen, West Marches style! I recently wrapped up a 40-session “sandbox” fantasy campaign, taking a cue from the “West Marches” approach popularized by Ben Robbins (of Microscope fame). According to a series of blog posts Ben wrote to… Continue reading Western Wilds: an Expedition into the West Marches

Worldbuilding and Built Worlds

Part 4 of ? in the Cultivating a Storytelling Mindset series My home group has been playing UFO Press' Shattered City the past several months. It’s a setting-intensive game where the collaborative world-building is a major selling point of the exercise. It’s not exactly in the same vein as Microscope or The Quiet Year: everyone… Continue reading Worldbuilding and Built Worlds

A Decade of Indie Roleplaying: 2011

I'm spending the next several weeks talking through my most important indie RPGs of the twenty-teens. Last week I posted about 2010. Onward! The Burning Wheel, Gold Edition The final and best edition of this ground-breaking fantasy game. The previous edition of Burning Wheel changed my roleplaying life, no joke. I've been writing about BW… Continue reading A Decade of Indie Roleplaying: 2011