RinCon 2016 (Day 2)

Okay, MadJay Brown and I are back to the room and desperately tired. Ugh, aging is not for sissies. Or parents.

Jason Corley’s Primetime Adventures was a surprise treat. He was supposed to run something called OVA but it didn’t work out so he fell back to running the scenario he had in mind in PTA instead. It was really fun! Steampunk superheroes in chaos-torn Paris at the end of the 19th century. We diddled with straight PTA setup a little to accommodate the heroes Jason had already pregenerated, and it didn’t seem to hurt things. I played a Czech mesmerist; there was also a steampunk Iron Man type character, a renegade servant of Satan, and a strange apparition of an actress that had somehow pulled herself out of a movie (so she’s two-dimensional, silent, black and white — weird and interesting). Anyway, fun game, disappointed that we can’t continue their adventures.

My Mutant: Genlab Alpha game got populated by MadJay Brown, Mark Diaz Truman, Katherine Fackrell, Jonathan Perrine and a friend of Katherine’s named…Zooey something? Anyway, this was my second short go into the game and I’m getting a better sense of how it flows. It’s getting better! Again we ran one “month” of the strategy game, which set up some nice context for the resistance cell (the PCs) to go off and do a thing. Very blow-by-blow traddie play with kind of a best-of suite of indie tricks. The Mutant family continues to be one of my favorite go-tos, really looking forward to our campaign continuing at home.

Last game of the night was this bonkers 3:16: Fury Road game, a crazy remix of 3:16 to play out hyperviolent car combat. It had all the Fury Road trappings, felt like a good homage. It’s got some interesting tricks and some rough edges, or maybe just decisions that I wouldn’t have made. 🙂 Loud and dumb and fast.

One more day, and I think Jahmal and I are playing a long board game tomorrow. It’s been a good day and a good event so far!

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