RinCon check-in

Pretty fun, chill warm-up day last night. Played Brendan Conway​ and Mark Diaz Truman​’s Zombie World game, and it’s pretty neat! They’re aiming for big tables of non-gamers with this, which…maybe? It nails The Walking Dead.

Setup is clever and produces a lot of material to work with. It’s card driven, the whole thing, but still a PbtA type game with partial successes and moves and all that. Light character ownership (it’s very deadly) high consequence moves, some clever stuff with hiding and revealing your three character cards. 156 little custom moves! Amazing.

For now this is the coolest playtest my friends have probably never heard of. Making a note to remember how much better this version was than the final, whatever it may be. 😉

First game this morning: Mutant: Genlab Alpha. I’m stoked!

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  1. For Mark Diaz Truman Brendan Conway: Where can I see more about Zombie World and keep up with its progress? First I’ve heard of it and a couple minutes of googling isn’t landing me in the right place.

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