Just wrote my first love letters for Apocalypse World ever. Ever!

I was a skeptic but after like 6 weeks or more since the last time we played, I’m a huge believer. Also, the first and second edition texts seem like they’re different but I’d have to check. In 2E at least, it’s pretty much just a get-the-ball-rolling move. I seem to remember there being more letter-writing in 1E.

Don’t really mind if my players read these so here they are:

The Driver
Dear Erro: missing the quiet solitude of the road yet? Please roll +cool. On a 10+, pick one. On a 7-9 pick two. Oh yes, a miss means all three.

• That thing where you straight up murdered one of Mice’s drivers outside the gates? Remember that? It hasn’t slipped everyone’s mind after all.
• Jasmine’s in worse shape than you thought, and that blown tire is just the start.
• Where the fuck has Wisher disappeared off to now? No way would she have left her go-bag behind if she left on her own.

The Chopper
Biiiig Mike. Mike Mike Mike. How’s that gang of yours enjoying the incredibly strict FREEDOM of the Patriots? Please roll +hard. On a 10+, choose two and the consequence of the third comes to pass. On a 7-9, choose one and the other two come to pass.

• Much to your surprise, Snake Eyes’ Road Ghosts haven’t cut a side deal with Mice. Huh. (Otherwise, about half your gang is going over.)
• Hugo has a plan to take over these Patriot chumps and he’s calling in one last favor from your Angels of Death. The plan is so crazy it just might work. (Otherwise, it’s Hugo and Lazlo’s party and shit is about to get pear-shaped all up in Durango.)
• The bikes aren’t as worn out as you feared. You even have enough gas to make one last ride to the hardhold of your choice. (Otherwise, you’re out of gas and every ride needs some TLC.)

On a miss, you can’t stop dreaming of the sea. In fact it’s all you can see and hear and smell when you sleep. Open your brain to the maelstrom, big guy. And all three “otherwises” come to pass.

The Battlebabe
Damson you beautiful bastard. How’s domestic bliss treating you? Please roll +hot. On a 10+, it’s all three, lucky you! If it’s a 7-9, well, it’s just two. Even on a miss you still need to pick one. You bastard.

• Mice formally proposes. She’s got her great-great-grandma’s wedding dress and everything. She’s on one knee. There’s a ring.
• Remember Bill? Of course you don’t. How about Visage? No? Not even Wisher? That trail of broken hearts you’re leaving behind is about to catch up with you. Your … arrangement with Mice has ignited their passions.
• The Patriots impounded your Miata, what? It’s like Mice doesn’t even trust you.

The Savvyhead
So Whitmont, apparently you got pulled into the maelstrom by this ghost kid or whatever, right? Roll +weird, please. On a 10+ it’s all three! On a 7-9, pick two. On a 6-, just one of them. Pay attention to what happens to the ones you don’t pick.

• You stagger back out into some part of Durango you’ve never seen before. (Otherwise you’re still in there!)
• You remember stuff from your trip. Ask your MC. (Otherwise, it’s a total mystery for now muahaha).
• Carna isn’t also sucked into whatever the fuck just happened to you. (Otherwise…yeah.)

The Brainer
Phalanx, I can’t even with this dead body project. But you’ve got more immediate concerns. Please roll +sharp. On a hit, you get this:

• You remember what happened to Whitmont and…was it some kid from Durango? (Otherwise, shrug, you’ve got this reanimation thing taking up your attention when you finally come to.)

On a 10+, you also get one of these:
• You participate in what happened to Whitmont.
• You suss out exactly where this Balls character is. The MC will tell you more.

On a miss, the maelstrom did the work for you apparently? Because the next thing you know, you’ve got a zombie on your hands. And Whitmont is gone.

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  1. These are great! What I love as a player when making my choices is that the thing I DON’T choose is not going to happen – which in most cases is just as interesting as the other option!

  2. I love love letters. I’ve written maybe a dozen? They’re great for kicking off any session for the PC you feel didn’t get enough spotlight time in the previous session. And a good one makes MC’ing that session a cinch.

    Edit: Also, five players? Wow. A few bad rolls out of the gate and that session’s going to be… uh, an apocalyptic maelstrom of happenings.

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