Heaven help me but I’ve been eyeballing self-Santa deals on getting the core 5E books. Is it really $105ish at a…

Heaven help me but I’ve been eyeballing self-Santa deals on getting the core 5E books. Is it really $105ish at a minimum (via CSI or Amazon)?

I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I should go see my doctor, get a full blood panel or something.

What’s on your self-Santa list now that the holidays are over?


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  1. There’s a couple soundtrack CD’s/MP3s that cry out to me, a traveling watercolor paint set, and the Mutant: Year Zero core book.

    Oh, and new friends what love the same games as me. But I don’t know if that’s something money can buy…

  2. Self-Santa: I do this all year round, so I’m trying to hold off until February. Unless you count the at-cost print of SWN I ordered yesterday.

    D&D: Have you read the Basic PDF? Was it not enough to put you off?

  3. If you’ve got the completist urge, buy the 5e DMG. Otherwise, you can largely skip it. If you ever play and need magic items, roll your own or use the ones in the 5e SRD that Mark pointed to.

  4. On the tabletop front, I’m thinking a GM screen for Star Trek Adventures. Beyond that, I’ve already got a whole mess of tabletop stuff… maybe Moonicorn, or the Burning Wheel Codex?

    I’m much more likely to get video game stuff, since I saved up for a PS4 finally. I’m looking at Rime (fox best friend adventures), A Way Out (two player narrative prison escape), Nier Automata (android vs robot apocalypse).

  5. Clint Shulenski has was initially excited for Genesys then some realization set in and I’m passing on it as well. Though a couple people in my group did pick it up and I’ll gladly play it. I just no longer feel a need for it.

  6. Birthday coming up next weekend, so if I don’t get the Fallout boardgame for that, it’s on my list.

    Also the birthday is after all the sales close on Steam and WinGameStore (and others), so I’m getting some things from my wishlist now: Life is Strange: Before the Storm and two completed Telltale Games I didn’t have: Guardians of the Galaxy and the latest Walking Dead one. I like my story games. Debating one or two other more traditional games, but I’ve got such a backlog I can wait until the summer sales for them.

  7. I already did this, what with 7th Continent and Forbidden Lands. I’m doing this now, with a mimosa and ground beef scramble.

    I’m always doing a self-santa, actually. It’s how I live my life now.

    Next on the list is my own tiny studio downtown so I don’t have to take the bus to work and I can take long-ass showers whenever I want.

  8. I’m going to go with Legacy of Dragonholt from FFG. I want to see if there have been any innovations in the choose-your-own-adventure genre. I otherwise have zero familiarity with the games and setting this game is based around (I want to say it is the Runebound game setting?).

    On the video game front, a Nintendo Switch keeps calling my name. However, Steam sales have provided me with all kinds of new games to play, sooooo… I don’t know what to do. A lot of their games have been getting good reviews, so it could be moving up to the short list.

  9. Nate Parker I picked it up some weeks ago and a group of us are weirdly excited about it. Fantasy is my favorite, but since they keep mentioning that it’s the first game of the “Oracle system”, I hope we see games set in the Android, Arkham Horror, Star Wars, and especially Middle Earth universes.

  10. Jesse Coombs​ you will have to let us know how it plays with a larger group. A lot of info I have seen on it is solo play, so I wonder how it holds up with a group.

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