Sagas of the Icelanders: Vikings (TV)

I just started watching Vikings on Amazon. I think they have only season 1 so far. Can you believe I’ve never seen this show? It’s not bad, at least season 1 episode 1. And boy howdy is it pure, lab-grade Sagas of the Icelanders.

Probably my favorite bit was realizing that the Man could totally be married to a Shield Maiden. Duh. Of course. The Shield Maiden doesn’t get chosen for that reason, at least the past couple times I’ve run SotI as a convention one-shot. Her gender-crossing I think is very appealing, maybe more appealing that her Battlebabe-ness.

I’m also watching Ragnar very closely for more ideas on what to do with Man 2.0. I keep meaning to put my thoughts down in pixels so Keith Stetson​, Mikael Andersson​ and Jason Morningstar​ can tell me why I’m screwing it up.

What I haven’t seen much of yet (again, episode 1!) is Honor being an explicit storyline factor. Traditional political power and ship ownership have loomed large! Gabriel Byrne is very entertaining as Earl Haraldson. That cop ‘stache!

Anyway, I’m like four years late to the show but I’m looking forward to binge watching.

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  1. It’s a worthwhile show, and one that eschews traditional TV plot structures a lot of the time. I also think honor isn’t nearly as big a thing as loyalty. Definitely a fun ride 🙂

  2. Matthew Gagan my wife is super-meh about it so far. Tell me the flaws so I can forestall her walking away! Because I don’t really watch shows by myself.

  3. Drawing her attention to some of its flaws will make it more likely she’ll continue to watch it?

    I don’t think anyone should watch shows they’re super-meh about. I’ll rarely give a show even a third episode to hook me; too much good TV and too little time.

    Its most glaring flaws for me have to do with character actions and motivations that don’t seem to fit what’s previously established for some of the characters. Details would be spoiler-y.

    I was immediately entranced with a few of the actors, the strange almost hypnotic pace of the world being portrayed, and the alien cultural mores.

  4. I just started watching this, too! I think I’m on episode 4 or so. It does a really good job portraying some stuff and a really awful job with other stuff. “Grr, I’m Haraldson and I tell you what to do and you have to do it or I’ll murder you.” Yeah, that wouldn’t fly in Iceland.

  5. I liked Ragnar’s son Björn best. A very interesting character arc well worth watching.
    Lots of cool namedropping from several centuries of actual history, too.

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