Got two plays of this in tonight, each around an hour or so for three psychics and a ghost. It’s still holding on pretty strong! But I started sensing the very beginnings of group think gathering around certain themes and images: certain colors, knights for cops, certain associations for items.

Probably inevitable but also not a deal breaker! There are so many vision cards in such variety that getting everything lined up is probably 20 plays’ worth.

It’s very amusing to be a psychic! Everyone thought doing ghost duty is easy and boy do they have more respect for the job now. My darling wife is a terrible ghost, it turns out (although the women at the table shared a spooky-accurate group mind).

11 thoughts on “Mysterium”

  1. The only issue with adding Dixit cards to the mix is that they don’t feel the same. Dixit cards are whimsical and fun. Mysterium cards are ominous and gloomy.

    So – mechanically – it works. But it changes the feel of the game quite a bit.

    Well … that and the different card backs. But that’s relatively minor, all things considered.

  2. Eric Franklin yeah, in a perfect world I’d totally support a $20 vision card expansion in the same vein as what’s already in the box.

    I’m kind of curious to see what the art is/was in the original. 

  3. Paul Beakley Two things:

    1) There is a Mysterium expansion coming. More vision cards and (I think) another suspect/room/item set.

    2) There are pics of the original on BoardGameGeek.

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