jeff fearnow reminded me that the world’s biggest wargaming convention happens in my home town every year. And I’ve never been.

Thinking about going! The COIN games were kind of born at ConSimWorld (per Volko’s commentary in Liberty or Death) so I don’t know that I have to be drowned in chits and hexes.

Has anyone gone? It’s late June, so pretty warm. I’d love to set something up around it, maybe head up to the best brewpub in the world afterward.

8 thoughts on “ConSimWorld”

  1. I guess thats the way I’m looking at it – juice or Joo$, however you want

    to cut it. $60 for one actual day cuts mightily into any potential dukats

    for Vendor Room Cantlivewithout stuff (of which there will no doubt be

    some, if not lots (Medallion Simulations, Tactical Command’s like

    a Unicorn for me, always just out of reach…)

    ( edit to 1944)

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