No Thank You, Evil! Session 4

Not much to say about the game other than it continues to delight everyone. I’ve been able to extend our/her attention span to about 90 minutes, which gives us enough room for a couple side adventures and lots of reincorporation.

There were a couple points at which they got into “combat” but the extra subsystems are overwrought and unnecessary for us. Normal resolution gets us through every scene and even burns through their economy of attribute chits.

Lightbulb moment: kiddo realizes she’s using up her chits and gets panicky. “Spend your Fun!” I explain for the umpteenth time. She stares at that dwindling pile. “But I’m running out of Fun too!” she exclaims, now visualizing out a step further than before. “Then you need to find ways to earn more.” Ooohhhhh! Sure enough, now she’s on the hunt for opportunities to earn up.

Which brought them to Karaoke Kastle, below, where Emma and Sassafrass sang for King Singit, saving the life of a purple dragoncat, winning the singing contest for 5 coins, and earning a Fun.

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