Argh stupid game why am I so terrible at this game?!

Finally fielded all the new stuff from the expansion, and it’s all pretty cool. I still played like shit tho.

20 thoughts on “Scythe”

  1. Usually when I’m shit at a boardgame like this it turns out it’s because I have the wrong impression of what the optimal choices are in relation to the objective. I pick the actions that seem best from an “in character” perspective but the deep math goes “lol, nope”. I’m roleplaying it wrong. So it requires some sort of paradigm shift in understanding the goals of the game. Sometimes that shift is just too big and I never play again.

  2. Tore Nielsen it’s so gorgeous, yes.

    Prior to this we played Anachrony, which is like…twice as elaborate to look at and set up. Mixed feels when I’ve got limited time and table space for these things.

  3. I play to win. I am very competitive, without (hopefully) being a dick. Scythe is one of a small group of games, that I do not care about winning. I have so much fun playing, that Winning seems like a bonus. It is a puzzle, and the mechanics are so engaging, that I find it very enjoyable as an exercise. I wish I had not cancelled my KS pledge.

  4. We typically finish a game in less than 2 hours. It is not even close to TI3, or Descent, or even Agricola that can last 4 hours or more. The beauty of Scythe, is that it never feels like 2 hours. You look at the clock while they are counting points, and realize how long it really has been. THAT is a good game.

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