Space Wurm vs Moonicorn: Prepping and Overthinking

I’m kind of glad I’ve got a couple weeks to plan for our first session, because planning in this game is nuts.

Some of that is how the fronts are built, and it’s something I brought up with Johnstone in the past but he kind of blew me off: in several cases, a danger doesn’t actually have any Hunters attached to it. Like…space madness and prophetic visions, for example. I mean they’re neat, really neat, and I’ll probably be using them at some point. But they’re not something Moonicorn can actually defeat while maybe-possibly being something that Space Wurm can take control of. Feels imbalanced and unfair, although I suppose Moonicorn can throw their energies into stopping Our Most Illustrious Leader from, you know, leveraging fucking space madness for some nefarious purpose. That monster.

The fronts I have to work with are Interstellar Travel, The Spice, and Religion. They might actually be the hardest fronts for Moonicorn to defeat, because in many cases they don’t have Hunters that can be defeated. But the process is interesting: if I can get, say, two threats out there with Hunters, at least that gives Moonicorn something to proactively deal with, rather than merely dicking around with their old buddy Space Wurm.

It’s going to take a few days in the old crock pot to get the flavors to mix and merge and get interesting. How will my Religion threat inform my Spice threat? How will my Interstellar Travel threat impact and be impacted by the others? Right now I have a crapton of questions that need answered, I think mostly by me at this point. Naturally I have kind of a choice-paralysis thing happening now, each choice necessarily locking out other options because you have to start somewhere.

I haven’t even played our first session yet and I already wish I could run it again. Good sign!

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  1. Michael Prescott It’s interesting you mention that… I have seriously considered trying to do something like that with it, though hacking it to use Beliefs/Instincts instead of Bonds/Alignment…

  2. Paul Beakley SWvM or my brain dump? :p

    Per Fischer I warn you: you are almost certainly going to feel an overwhelming need to buy the physical book… You have been warned.

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