Another Band of Blades Resource

Tonight is our third session of Band of Blades. The Legion is headed up the Long Road and it’s gonna be awful. Just awful. 😉

Anyway, I made another resource for my players and wanted to share this with you. They’re printable tent cards for the squads, basically replicating the functionality of the Marshal’s character sheet. I’m going to laminate them so he can mark up the squads as they get beat up. It’ll also provide a reminder to me about what the assigned squad is good at, so I remember to incorporate that into the position/effect transaction.

The artwork is of course trimmed out of the rulebook (front) and the Marshal sheet (back).

And a reminder that my first good cheat sheet is available here.

In Other News…

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the killer app, as it were, of the Forged in the Dark system/platform. The game does a lot of interesting things but in the end I think it’s the clocks. They’re different than Apocalypse World clocks! I’ll write more later.

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