Stonetop AP Pre-Session Prep: Love Letters

This is the pre-session prep for part 5 of our 10-part text AP of Stonetop. We posted part 4 last week. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, here’s the deep dive on Stonetop I posted a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

We’d been off a month since episode 4, so I created some love letters! Here’s what I did up for my players. It’ll be a short one this week, and back to our regular long-form AP next week.

Sweet nothings for forgetful players.

Carwyn, The Fox

At some point in the summer, when the days have gotten hot and everyone is gathered at the public house, Marwen’s drunken father Dilwin inevitably confronts you. As one of the three town leaders, he makes a case that night to the others that you should be banished as a troublemaker and (probably) cursed to bring ill fortune down on Stonetop. Roll +CHA.

10+: It’s a halfhearted case at best. Dilwin has matured and the past decade has made him more forgiving.

7-9: It’s a strident case, and the town council will take it up in the Fall (should they decide against you; turning you out in the Winter would be inhumane)

6-: It’s a halfhearted case, but it’s clear Dilwin’s rage has never abated. He takes his anger out on (roll a die of fate): 1-2 you (take any debility before you leave), 3-4 Marwen (her condition is uncertain afterward, but pregnancies are delicate), 5-6 Eirlys, your (probably) bastard daughter.

Macsen, The Seeker

Alun, your decrepit father, has been talking with the Mindgem in ways the Mindgem won’t talk to you. In evenings, at the fire, under the stars. Choose 0-3 of the following and roll + # of choices you make: 

  • Alun falls into a coma
  • Gwenda, the farmer’s daughter who’s been watching your dad, is harmed by Alun when he’s not himself
  • Leuca, the town chronicler, finally dies

10+: the Mindgem reveals the location of another Major Arcana, and it’s quite close

7-9: a Minor Arcana is delivered to you during a summertime trade out of Gordin’s Delve

6-: the GM will pick something you didn’t. If you already chose them all, you greedy bastard, Leuca returns. Different.

Hafiz, the Lightbearer

At high noon on the summer solstice, at the absolute height of Helior’s power, you are visited by visions. You assume they are from Helior. Roll +WIS. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1. 

  • Where and how Narust is tethered; destroying the tether is how you permanently remove the Thing Below from this world and all it has touched.
  • An unpleasant truth about (choose): your upcoming journey, Stonetop’s near future, someone specific
  • The location of Helior’s Shining Ring (a Minor Arcana)

On a miss, Helior reveals an unpleasant truth about his Lightbearer.

Madoc, the Would-Be Hero

The weather stone’s Ineffable Words continue to circulate through your mind, whispering confusing things, describing things you wish you hadn’t heard, reciting lyrics you can’t get out of your head. All summer long, as the words distract, you have opportunities to make marks under the “ascetic contemplation” list, one for one, for each choice you make below (or none if you choose none of these):

  • Priter, the missing farmer, is found; the GM will tell you more about that
  • Farouza, the sorceress-treasure hunter following Carwyn, arrives in Stonetop
  • Dog, your dog, goes missing

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  1. These are fantastic! Wouldn’t it be cool to get love letters back, too? Maybe we’d get a hard GM move – nerf’ed or selected. Or just a post-last-game/pre-next-game wish for hopes or player motivations.

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