Space Wurm vs Moonicorn: Session 3

We had a disrupted, herky-jerky session this week due to some minor kid drama, but it was still pretty fun! Now we’ve got everyone on the same planet, and we’ve kicked the planetary romance vibe into top gear.

Just about everyone now has an advance, which is great, just great. I don’t loooove the progression of Dungeon World so I’m contemplating a flat 7XP per move. Has anyone done this? What does it break? I can’t imagine it breaks a damned thing.

My favorite new move is the Other’s The Missing: “When you touch an object from this galaxy and send it to your Otherworld, roll+Alienation. On a 10+, it is gone forever, unless your Otherworld brings it back. On a 7-9, it is gone but so is something else, the GM will tell you what.”

So in our game, The Other’s Otherworld is the Void Between the Worlds, which it turns out is not space. It’s … something else. It’s the Void Between the Worlds! (Say that like “black blood of the Earth!”) It’s the thing that is triggering the Space Void Madness front, which has been allowing invaders from the Void into our world to possess people.

One of those Void invaders wormed its way into the mind of one of Space Wurm’s crack imperial guard and raised all kinds of chaos. The Other shoved her heart, a huge glowing crystal, into the hands of Moonicorn — there are some benefits to handing your heart over — and whipped out The Missing to zot away the Void invader who’s about to eat Moonicorn! Yikes!

She rolled a 7-9. So, yes, the Void invader was sucked away.

So was Moonicorn.

And her heart, clutched in his hand.

And then we ran out of time and I sent everyone home.

Interestingly, neither SW nor M are chasing down their fronts, really. It’s not bad! It’s not bad at all. In fact I could see them just kind of bopping around having space adventures indefinitely. I suspect some of it is not really being sure what defeating a front looks like, so they don’t know how to plan for it. I don’t know either! I’m hoping it’s obvious once it happens.

Fingers crossed we get a session next week, because week after that my special New Mexicon guest stars from the flyover states (MadJay Brown and Jeremiah Frye) will be joining us.

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  1. Also very curious wrt how fronts are defeated (or how to plan for it). Bonus question: what irks you about DW progression – the fact that you need progressively more and more XP to level up? I have too little DW experience to back it up, but I think 7XP flat sounds good, actually.

  2. In ours it became obvious, and we had a lot of talk about play. Essentially, when miinicurn defeated a danger, there was a roll to defeat the front. Same for the wyrm. What that meant narratively varied, both by protagonist and by front.

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