Thesaurus time!

Thesaurus time!

Having a heck of a time coming up with a word or very short phrase meaning “how well you represent something.”

Exemplar and exemplary aren’t quite right. An exemplar means you are a good representative. Exemplary means it is a good representation. I’m looking for…something else.

Go hivemind go.

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  1. Okay, rules nerd time and it’s not even in the right Collection omg.

    Right now I’ve got a move worded like this:

    When you take their measure, roll +Blood if they’re worthy. On a hit, ask them a question related to their worthiness: how they’re dangerous, useful, or exemplary of the Code. On a 10+, you may take +1 Spirit (Knight) and ask a related followup. On a 7-9, they may give you two answers, only one of which is true. When you hear the answer, decide if they are still worthy or not and say why. On a miss, they may ask you a question with a followup. If they’re unworthy, they’re below your notice and you may not take their measure.


    I’m actually okay with how it’s worded now but tighter is almost always better.

  2. I’m not sure this is better, but a concept that fits is “congruent with the Code.” Congruous works too. It so happens that we use the word congruent in my line of work often but I think it might sound odd to other people and take them back to Geometry class.

  3. Congruent feels passive. Like, you’re not AWESOME at representing this absurd social lattice we’ve all bought into, but you go along with it just fine.

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