No Thank You, Evil! Leveling Up

Halfway through kindergarten and my daughter’s reading is good enough to level her up from the easy triangle to the middling square character sheet.

Differences are:

* an adjective tacked to the front of her character noun: now she’s a sneaky superhero (+1 Fast)
* she wrote down her superhero’s knack and knows how to use it (I think it was formally available at triangle but she’d never actually read the power before)
* her companion gets Treats (an economy for cycling Cyphers) and its starting Cypher (cool companion power, awful name, do we really need to market the Cypher System brand at 6 year olds?).

And I think that’s it! The conversion tired her out though so we’re not playing again today. :-/

17 thoughts on “No Thank You, Evil! Leveling Up”

  1. Fraser Simons​​ there are three grades of sheet that escalate the complexity of the game while being internally compatible. So my wife plays circle and my daughter played triangle and they intersected with the game in the same way.

    The practical effect of leveling up your character sheet is gaining more cool stuff. It’s pretty motivating! My daughter was feeling salty that mom’s robot dog companion could do stuff and her pretty pony companion could not.

    It’s the killer app of the game imo.

  2. Other kid friendly tech: stats are spendable tokens so preliterate players can participate, resolution is a d6 against an arbitrary target, no modifier bigger than +1.

  3. Brady Hight was/is working on a game with varying levels of complexity, depending on what the player wanted.

    I also am thinking of using bloody versus instead of Fight! in Burning Wheel. Hub vs spokes, I guess.

  4. Lester Ward totally depends on the kid, yeah? I think the game itself has age recommendations as well. I decided to go for it because of the power-up motivator (she loved it), her reading, and her patience for the process.

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