Mutant: Year Zero

Hey nerds! You probably know that there are tables to generate various values for the sectors of the Zone map, yeah? Dumb question and I can’t seem to find a good answer: How might one go about automating that? Like, provide the number of rows and columns and the widget will barf out Rot levels, threats, artifacts, ruin types and so on square-by-square. Maybe even outputting it graphically, but at the very least just a long honking xml file. Something like…

A1: Rot level 1, 1 artifact (wrench), 2 threats (zone ghouls, rot cloud), airplane wreckage

There are nested rolls happening here as you can probably tell.

So. Anyway. Mostly a computer question I guess. What do you think?

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  1. Not sure exactly sounds like you just create a grid and each grid generates a random value(s) to pull in from a table. Sound like a spreadsheet with a bunch of vlookups.

  2. I don’t think Abulafia can do weighted results easily. I guess I could just manually build out every result.

    Dave set me up with a password! I intended to investigate making a Clay That Woke name generator but that’s work and I’m lazy. Ish.

  3. Oh oh oh. Dave Younce​ interesting! What about specifying an output size? Ideally a grid of letters x numbers, i.e. A-T, 1-22. And you’d get A1 through A22, B1 through B22, and so on.

    Also: can Abulafia code so you don’t get the same result twice? Like, you’re not supposed to get the same artifact twice (you draw from a deck).

  4. Figure out how many results you need for each area. So if its 3 per area.
    The first area would be cells A1,B1,C1
    Each cell will generate a random value.
    Then you will have your various tables that ddine what the random results mean.

    A vlookup returns a result based on the random number from the table. If each table has 20 results. You can make your life easier by defining one large table and then the first random range would be 1-20 then second 21-40 etc.

  5. Wow, that Abulafia grid is epic.

    I need to refresh my memory on how the coding works at this point, but I think this is an excellent start.

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