NewMexiCon Planning

Hey New Mexicans! I’m planning this trip now. Are there good reasons to get there early/late or should I just plan on getting in Thursday and leaving Sunday night/Monday morning? Is there an afterparty scene or does everyone run off to their jobs and responsibilities?

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  1. I’m sorely tempted to just drive it, make a road trip of the thing. Less time and cheaper than United so far!

    MadJay Brown​​ come out a week early and we can Thelma & Louise it.

  2. Ara Kooser will tolerate my extended presence, I hope. I’ll ooh and aah his tats at 20 minute intervals, that should do it yes?

    Or maybe we’ll run The One Ring at Fortress Kooser for 24 straight hours.

  3. I’ve got a room booked from Thursday evening through Tuesday morning. That said, there’s nothing says I can’t get there earlier and crash on a couch somewhere.

    Again pending road trip plans etc etc

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