Life on Mars

Last game of my RinCon was a private game of Life on Mars with Nicholas Hopkins​​ and Aaron Feild​. Apparently it’s the predecessor to Fall of Magic, so that’s cool because I backed that thing blind and I liked this thing, so.

It’s clever and chill and very, very storygamey. First half of the game you spend laying out stuff about your astronauts, second half of the game you talk about the mission. The whole thing takes up two sheets of paper and some tokens, and is comprised entirely of staged fictional prompts and a couple clever twists that manipulate the vibe during play.

And then I had a massive shitty escalating migraine and got driven home. Ugh!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the migraine.

    But yeah, Fall of Magic follows pretty much the same pattern of (very highly tuned) fictional prompts and some twists and map properties.

  2. The migraine sucks!  Hope it wasn’t my air conditioner that was on full blast that did it to ya!  Fun game and enjoyed something quiet to end on.  I was frigging exhausted by that point.  I felt pretty good when I was playing but when I saw myself in the mirror I told myself, “Dude, you need to get some sleep!”

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