Saturday RinCon midday report

Not a good convention for just wandering and hoping to fall into a game. I’m not sure why! But I’ve been to friendlier events.

Not that RinCon is unfriendly! Not at all. There are just some con management/organizational tricks you can do that help floaters find one another. I don’t know those tricks but I’ve been to events (mostly small) where it was easier. Maybe wandering ambassador types.

Gotten in a couple board games! Finally played Tiny Epic Galaxies, which is very clever. I’ll probably pick it up at some point. Then a game of Libertalia, which I know well but I’m terrible at.

In lieu of actual promotional materials, or you know planning of any kind, directly pitching small press games works well. Time consuming, but very effective. I may have a Sagas of the Icelanders game lined up with a very nice family. I think RinCon could do Games on Demand extremely well, if they could get maybe three committed, strong runners. It’d solve the sad lonely floater problem! As long as someone is on hand to answer questions: the whole GoD thing is pretty weird to the uninitiated.

Meanwhile, I’m already sick of Chinese food. Tucson is a good food town, but the slot breaks aren’t long enough to take advantage of that. Maybe food trucks in the future? That could be cool.

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