Dreamation Planning

Dreamation Planning

Okay, I’ve committed to running:

* Mutant: Year Zero — improvised event, ridiculously fun

* Sagas of the Icelanders — improvised event. Intense, fun, depends a lot on the engagement of the players. 

* Burning Wheel — not improvised but I don’t want to run anything I’ve run before. So I’m sure I’m wasting Michael Miller’s time but I asked for a spot anyway. I’ll follow up with details as soon as I get the scenario hammered out.

I’m taking Rachel E.S. Walton’s advice and taking Sunday real easy. I’ll bring stuff to do just in case! Or I can fill tables where needed.

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  1. Rachel E.S. Walton​​, Daniel Levine​​, Mo Jave​​, Judd Karlman​​, Bret Gillan​​, Sara Williamson​​, Carly Knight​ – I think we should conspire to take over one of these games.

    SotI or BW work for me.

  2. Carly is everyone’s favorite.

    Also, I think Mikael Andersson​ and Andrew Medeiros​ might enjoy playing Mutant with me and Mark Diaz Truman​ and Marissa Kelly​

  3. I predict it’ll look like this:




    Cage fight
    Me, alone, waiting for someone to cage fight

  4. Paul Beakley It’s actually not a big thing! I’m running one game off the books because the prep/game is really delicate, but I think the vast vast majority of play happens at booked events.

  5. If I can’t make it (probably not), I’m sure as shit going to Dreamation next year and I’m going to hog-tie Paul Beakley down and we’re going to play Rogue Trader. All. Weekend.

    I’ll register it as an event and make sure there’s plenty of seats for the rest of you. I’ll even bring complimentary popcorn.

  6. Looking forward to signing up for all of Paul’s games only to end up with S4: Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth as my 15th choice because all you fuckers were 2ms ahead of me again

  7. Paul, yeah, I’m hoping to run Mars 244: The Liberation of Sisyphus at Dreamation. Not sure if it will be on the books or not yet. I want to play it with people I know first!

    Also, people. The SotI game is the one I voted for so…guess we’re gonna have to do this the hard way. ::Gets out period-appropriate beating stick::

  8. PROTIP: Say your game has a player count of one less than it actually has so I can just walk up and play.

    (I am joking about me in particular, but you can totally do this if there’s a specific someone you really want to play with. You’re coming a long way; do whatcha gotta do)

  9. And that bourbon, it is so good. 

    Pro tip, don’t drink it while playing Blue Beard’s Bride with Marissa Kelly or she will give you wicked bad side-eye at the table.

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