This is badass dark Scandinavian fantasy that Modiphius just released. Turns out if you buy it from their online store, it’s about US$64ish total (includes shipping) and you get the PDF as well. Same deal at DriveThru is $68 before shipping.

Here’s a link that gets you 10% off if’n you’re interested. I get some loyalty points too, but their program kind of sucks. Might get myself a t-shirt or something in a couple years. 

They’re the same folks who do Mutant: Year Zero by the way. No mechanical relationship at all but the MYZ stuff is consistently top notch.

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  1. Dave Turner You can probably make the GM roll dice, too. 

    Maybe add some dwarves.

    Swap out the haunted forest thing with diabolical underground complexes.

    You’re almost there!

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