Burning Wheel/Empires: Battletech Hack

Yes I said Battletech. A buddy has been slaving over a big sprawling hack of Burning Wheel to play in the setting. Mostly Wheel; some Empires in there too. Tonight was a proof of concept, a one shot test.

Man it felt good to be in the saddle again. I played, which was nice. Nice to remember how all the bits work together. Nice to remember all the terrific empowering tools the game gives players. Really, really nice to have a table of old hands ready to jump in and help a new GM work through various ways to resolve game situations.

Ultimately the scenario didn’t involve that much Battletech-ness. Crew of a salvage ship, a couple mechwarrior mercenaries aboard, lots of ship crew/salvage crew conflicts, good melodrama. Honestly I don’t know hardly anything about the setting and the mechs made only a small appearance, but yeah. Fun.

Getting stoked to run BW at Dreamation in a few weeks!

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  1. Actually Burning Wheel, plus colored hairdos, and girlfriends, is just about all I need to add to Battletech to make it really on point.  Great call. The military history minutia really fits the baroque BW feeling.

  2. Excellent.

    My BE-based cyberpunk game has been great so far. So far it’s been more cutting than hacking. We ditched the world burner, infection and the noble, stewardship, hammer and foundation settings (and all the vaylen settings).

    Everything else is more or less intact. I burned up some cyberware and other tech as examples. But that just followed the Technology Burner.

    What sort of hacks have you made?

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