D&D Attack Wing

D&D Attack Wing

I bought a big bundle on Massdrop a few weeks ago, played it and enjoyed it. I’ve never gotten into a game like this before! So I had no idea what a gigantic black hole of $$$ it could be.

Premium figures, seriously? $60 retail FOR A PLASTIC TOY?

The deep discount down to $35 doesn’t really make it much better. Although it is pretty sweet looking.

I think I’ll stick to my bundle ’til I’m sick of my four dragons, my elves, my wraiths and uh…whatever other weird thing is in there. A ballista maybe? 


8 thoughts on “D&D Attack Wing”

  1. Oh wait…this came up in an Attack Wing search (no don’t ask me why I was searching) but it’s not actually an Attack Wing purchase. 

    There will be or maybe are already premium Attack Wing bits, though. No idea but I’m sure they’ll be spendy as hell.

  2. Related: My SO has the same gift-giving issue with me. I buy the things I want for myself. But she would never consider purchasing me little boats (her name for my tiny space ships). Never, ever, ever. 

  3. They say they don’t judge, but their actions speak otherwise. I know, I know.

    “Hey honey, thanks for these new biking jerseys. Oh hey look, running shoes. And cases of Slim Fast. This is so…generous.”

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