Dear Paul Beakley

Dear Paul Beakley,

We are pleased to announce that the game A Distant Plain, 2nd Printing in your order number 349051 (quantity 1 at price $54.00) has changed status to: Made the Cut

18 thoughts on “Dear Paul Beakley”

  1. Come on, Paul Beakley! That deserves no less than a pity laugh, and probably something more akin to the nervous, tittering laugh one releases when one is both confused and revolted. 

  2. Adam D you sweet, sweet naive man.

    A Distant Plain is a GMT game. They run this thing called P500. It’s like…an ur-Kickstarter. They’ve been doing it since forever. The ’90s maybe? Basically you tell ’em “shut up and take my money!” and when they get 500 people to commit to preordering — and it might take years! — then the game “made the cut” and will be produced.

    ADP is a reprint and they’ve been slooooooowly getting preorders. I don’t think it actually broke 500 but either they’re gonna let it run forfuckingever or they’re just gonna suck it up and get it back into print. 

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