Blood Rage

Blood Rage

This is on my long list of “this would be such a great game if we played it more often and didn’t have to relearn the rules every time.”

It also makes me wish I had the time, space, and bandwidth to get back into painting. Gosh such a pretty game when it’s all blinged out.

I had forgotten I’d picked up all the expansions for this — there are gods (the big yellow bits), mystics, and a fifth faction set to replace the ridiculous Hottie Viking Chicks faction the base box comes with. Everything is very cool! Love the gods — the are six of them, I think, with two of them appearing in any game to tweak the rules where they are. And the mystics are an easy-peasy new unit type to drop into the game. Add a lot of neat tricks.

Because we don’t play often enough to actually remember how to play, we’re stuck relearning each time with the simplified “draw eight cards and just use that” for each of three ages. The actual rules are to hold a draft for six cards and throw away the last two that come to you. Drafting would stretch out the game but oh boy would that add a much needed bit of strategery.

Next week: back to Torchbearer!

Sorry about the HDRness of the picture. My camera app does that on its own sometimes because it looks…nice? Dramatic? Not sure.

11 thoughts on “Blood Rage”

  1. I really like this game too & can see how much better it would be with repeated play. It’s fun each time but uneducated drafting and tactical movement leads to some fairly divergent final scores. Would be tighter among regular enthusiasts.

  2. Matthew Gagan very much agreed, and that’s what happened last night. One player hit a very strong groove early and ended with a score of 124. My final score, for comparison’s sake, was about 50.

  3. I’ve been so interested in this game but held back for exactly the reasons you state. Not sure how often it’d hit the table. I think the hi-contrast photo looks good!

  4. Have you played Chaos In The Old World? My understanding is that this is a 2.0 non-Warhammer version and have always wondered if it was an improvement and worth picking up if you already have the other game.

  5. Nahhhh, nothing like Chaos. I loooove Chaos in the Old World but it’s radically asymmetrical. This one kinda-sorta becomes asymmetrical but everyone scores on the same stuff in the same way.

  6. Paul Beakley that’s cool, the asymmetrical play of Chaos was my favorite part so I can prob give this one a pass for now (my wallet is grateful for that!)

  7. Thank you, Colin J​ for asking the question I came here to ask.

    Eric Lang makes some tasty games. I’m curious how his new samurai theme game plays. My initial thoughts were that it would play similarly to this or CitOW.

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