0 thoughts on “Today, Mastodon reminded me of the awful squick I feel in my stomach when someone refers to themselves as a…

  1. Puffs up, as a popinjay must.

    How dare you question my professionalism? I’ll have you know that I wield great influence in the industry.

    Yes, indeed, when Skemp and Tweet sit down to tea, there I am, on the side board. Being influential.

  2. Like, he wants to be referred to by his character name, Paul?

    This reminds me of a guy I met at a local con far away from my home. He insisted on telling everyone that his name was Panther.

  3. Okay this is the person’s direct toot (!), but with the names changed because Ralph was so kind as to provide anonymization:

    Hello community! My name is Ralph, but you can know me as Valamir. I’m a professional game designer based in Chicago, and looking to soon release a table top RPG called Universalis. Hope to chat to some like minded folk, and get insights into other views too 😀

    Also, “toot” kills me. Every. Time.

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