Conflicting Impulses

These showed up the same day. Weird conflicting impulses! Hey Jason Pitre​, which Sig neighborhood is most likely to host a gratuitously violent car combat televised game show? Asking for a friend.

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  1. Aaron Griffin it’s Car Wars with what appears to be some strong inspiration from X-Wing. It’s such an obvious matchup that I wonder why FFG hasn’t done it themselves.

  2. Paul Beakley Glad it’s to your liking. The Stacks would likely be the best place for the car violence, with plenty of ramps and sniper perches. Also, flammable and destructible buildings.

  3. BTW: I Googled Gaslands when I went looking to buy it, and found a “used” (i.e. totally new) copy for super cheap. Like, maybe it came in shrink and now it isn’t? It’s perfect. And it was like $10.

  4. Matt Bohnhoff quite honestly, it reads like someone had been following Car Wars 6, got tired of waiting and wrote their own version.

    If you go down the list of key talking points that SJ released about 6 back in 15/16…they’re all in Gaslands.

  5. I watched a bunch of videos and now I’m really excited for Gaslands. I think the combat and driving are as close to exactly what I want as I could hope.

    How is the pre and post game stuff? Building/fixing cars and stuff…

  6. Matt Bohnhoff
    I only started modelling last week, and its really fun! You can grab brand new Hot Wheels for like a dollar at most supermarkets, and if you raid a charity store you can pick up loads.

    I’ve even begun my ‘War Rig’. 🙂

    There isn’t any dedicated chapter in the rules, though there is a really active forum at the website with lots of friendly advice.

    I’ll link a few articles for you!

  7. I meant mechanically building cars, stating out weapons and weight and stuff.

    But those are SUPER cool Nathan Roberts​! Hacking up miniature cars definitely appeals to me.

  8. Matt Bohnhoff Oh yeah! There is a whole chapter on building your own vehicle from a variety of types: Bikes & Buggies, Choppers & performance cars. Even the ubiquitous War Rig. There is a section on campaign play and improving your drivers with perks too.

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