The Next Game

The Next Game

I’ve got a 2 or 3 week long stretch here where I’m gonna run something short and sweet. Here’s what I’m thinking about right now, kind of in order of personal interest.

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  1. Stephanie Bryant oh thank you.

    I was looking for:

    1: works okay in a short-run format and

    2: A sharp break from The One Ring

    My fantasy list and my long-form list are growing pretty fast too.

  2. Mark Delsing Uncharted Worlds isn’t getting a ton of love in the survey!

    Luckily I’m just running the survey as a lark and I’m gonna play what I want.

    Which is …Coriolis in November. 🙁

    Meanwhile I’m getting really interesting feedback from my actual local players! And literally every player wants to play something different.

  3. Clay is a really rewarding game, but it also really shines in longer play. If you only have a couple sessions, you may get more out of one of the others.

  4. Stras Acimovic yeah, I hear you about Clay, but god damn it I hate the thought of a longer commitment to something that’s an iffy sell in the first place.

    “You have to play out at least X times” is quickly becoming a show stopper for me.

  5. Voted for Spectrum, because time travel games are a mythical beast in whose existence I’m not quite ready to believe in…. Loved the GURPS time travel game, and was fascinated by Continuum(Roleplaying in the Yet), though it seemed pretty unplayable. I know nothing about Spectrum, but the claims on the cover seem pretty ambitious. Would love to read your take on it.

  6. 98 votes, holy wow.

    I think I’m settled on The Sprawl for our little stretch, although I had explicit interest expressed by a player in Clay.

    I also took the opportunity to tear down Chuubo more carefully. I have thoughts and questions! Another thread.

  7. As I suspected, the Beakley voting system is rigged. Blah blah feel the Bern blah blah poor Minotaur representation among the superdelegates.

  8. The minotaur faction needs to get behind the party now.

    We’ll give them a voice at platform negotiations! Maybe we’ll explore toxic masculinity via high tech criming.

  9. I suspect many won’t support the final candidate. It’s just a hop skip and a jump from “product of a human-bull mating” to Libertarian.

  10. Make Roleplaying Great Again!

    Time to return to our traditional values. I am the strong GM you can trust.

    I’m going to build a storyline and the players are going to pay for it. They’ll bleed from their…wherevers.

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