The Indie Game Reading Club Presents: #OnRampJam

We’re hosting our first ever game design jam at It’s not a competition! Not really. We’ll talk about the submissions we find interesting, and I’m going to pull Club members in to help out. Should be a lot of fun!

The theme of this, our first, jam is: how would you show (not tell!) a complete noob what roleplaying is? You have 10-30 minutes to do it in. The audience might be your co-workers, your parents, your kids, teenagers at your school, who knows?

If you want to show off your minimalist designer chops, check out the Jam page: .

If you’d be so kind, please share to your friends on Twitter with the hashtag #onrampjam!

2 thoughts on “The Indie Game Reading Club Presents: #OnRampJam”

  1. I’m a bit confused, as I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a presentation explaining what TTRPG are or an introductory one-shot type of mini-game. The “Include as few or as many rules as you think are necessary.” statement leads me to believe it’s the latter, however, I don’t think “The experience should run no less than 10 minutes and no longer than 30.” is very realistic.

    Half an hour is NOTHING even for a game of veterans, that already know what TTRPG are and how they’re played, and thus have a smoother and faster gameplay pace. Spending only 30 minutes in a game that is supposed to introduce someone NEW to the game is simply impossible, as you’d need to not only engage them in the game and story, but also spend some time having to explain some of the basic mechanics and rules as the game went along, which always slows down the pace a bit.

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