#OnRampJam Takeaways

I’ve read all 20 submissions to the #onrampjam. Everything submitted was interesting, and the spread of ideas about what roleplaying is is wild. I strongly encourage you to read the submissions when you get a chance. These are my big-picture takeaways after reading everything. Still working on getting Club folks to put their $0.02 in… Continue reading #OnRampJam Takeaways

The #onrampjam Is Over!

We got 20 submissions to the #onrampjam and they're all so different and interesting. I'll be going through them all over the next few days, and I'm hoping to recruit some Club members to participate as well. Go check out the entries for yourself! https://itch.io/jam/onrampjam-igrc/entries

The Indie Game Reading Club Presents: #OnRampJam

We're hosting our first ever game design jam at itch.io. It's not a competition! Not really. We'll talk about the submissions we find interesting, and I'm going to pull Club members in to help out. Should be a lot of fun! The theme of this, our first, jam is: how would you show (not tell!)… Continue reading The Indie Game Reading Club Presents: #OnRampJam